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Having good, current data is an important tool in helping gauge the market, spot opportunities and make smart and informed decisions. But, like all things, there are stories, trends and further analysis behind the raw numbers. Check out our city charts below or simply select any zip code/s of interest to you.

This market data is updated weekly, not stale data from last year or even last month. Want to be in the know….with this week’s data? Simply click your City below. Want to fine tune it further… simply enter your zip code once you get there!

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What’s it all mean?

The MEDIAN SALES PRICE is the price point where exactly half of the homes have sold above it and half have sold below it. It may be affected by “unusual” events or by changes in buying trends, as well as changes in value.

LOW PRICE AND HIGH PRICE are self-explanatory. A low price might be for a property that needs a significant amount of work just to be habitable. While a high price may be a home that has been completely upgraded. Within a single neighborhood, it is possible for the low and high prices to be very far apart – the difference is wide between a small, distressed, bank-owned 2-bedroom house and a large, pristine 4-bedroom home with a big lot.

PRICE PER SQUARE FOOT is based upon the home’s interior living space and does not include garages, storage, unfinished attics or basements, rooms or apartments built without permits. It also does not include decks, patios or yards. These numbers are typically derived from appraisals or tax records and can be unreliable, measured in different ways or unreported altogether. Thus, consider square footage and price per sq. foot to be very general approximations. All things being equal, a smaller home will at times have a higher price per sq. footage than a larger one.

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